What is Buy Fly Collect?

Our pre-order service allows you to place an order in any JR/Duty Free Departures Airport store and pick it up after your trip, in Arrivals. You can also use our pre-order service online and conveniently pick up your shopping at the airport in our Departures or Arrivals stores up to 60 days before you travel.


1. Choose your airport

Visit jrdutyfree.com.au anytime from 24 hours to 60 days before your collection day/time, choose your airport pickup location and start shopping.

2. Enter your details

Proceed to checkout, login or register, then enter your travel details. Have your passport and flight number on hand.

3. Make your payment

Redeem JR/Vantage points and/or gift cards, or proceed to payment. When your purchase is complete, check your email for your confirmation.

4. Collect your purchase

Visit the JR/Duty Free Collections counter in-store with a copy of your ID and Passport.

Before placing your order ensure:
  • The name of the person travelling and the name on the credit card for payment are the same.
  • The total order complies with the duty free limits of any transit or final destination.
  • To select your pick up location for airport stores, either in Departures or Arrivals.


1. How does our online pre-order service work?

You can place a your order online from 24 hours to 60 days before your flight with these easy steps:

  1. Ensure you have the following items handy:
    • Passport details
    • Flight details – number, time and date
    • Credit card – must belong to the person travelling and collecting the goods
  2. Visit www.jrdutyfree.com.au
  3. Register or login to save time
  4. Shop by Category / Brand or Promotion
  5. Select the International Airport you will be collecting your goods.
  6. Add goods to cart or continue shopping
  7. Review your cart
    • Select your collection destination
    • Check the duty free limits of the country you are transiting and arrival into
    • Check quantities ordered
    • Enter any voucher/coupon codes – ie travel booster, promotions
  8. Select where you will be collecting your goods :- the departures or arrivals store
  9. Enter your passport and flight details (so we know when you are collecting your goods)
  10. If you haven't logged in or registered, you will be given the opportunity at this time. We need these details for Border Force compliance and to ensure we can contact you if there are any issues with your order
  11. Redeem points and/or enter your gift card details or proceed to payment.
  12. Enter your payment details and tick the box next to I'm not a robot, then press SUBMIT MY ORDER.
  13. Ensure you receive your email confirmation
  14. To collect your goods-visit our Collections Counter inside our store
  15. For any queries, please contact our Customer Service Team on enquiries@jrdutyfree.com.au or 1300 388 937 within Australia

2. Is there a minimum order quantity?

No, there is no minimum order quantity or minimum value on orders both in-store or online as long as the purchase quantity fits within the limits of your transiting or final destination.

3. May I place orders for other people?

Due to Customs Regulations, you may only order for your own requirements and in your own name. Therefore the Customer name must match the person travelling internationally in order to collect the goods.

4.Do I have to pay tax (GST) or duty on the goods ordered?

No, all our sales for international flights are tax and/or duty free.

5. Why can't I order a product online that I saw in your airport store?

Our online selection is not as large as our Airport store. Please contact our Customer Service Team to check stock availability or you can add these items when you're next at one of our Airport stores.

6. How can I pay?

You can pay using the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, China Union Pay, loyalty points and gift vouchers.

7. Which currencies can I pay in?

In-store we accept multiple currencies, however you can only pay in Australian Dollars for your online order.

8. How do I redeem loyalty points?

In the review screen, drop down the box under Redemption in Dollars and select the amount of points you would like to redeem.

9. I know I have points, why aren't they showing in the Redemption in Dollars dropdown box?

Loyalty points are only redeemable in multiples of $20. If the order is below that, you unfortunately won't be able to redeem the points.

10. How do I redeem a gift voucher?

In the review screen, enter the gift voucher number found on the back of the voucher and scratch off the silver panel to reveal the online pin. Enter the details and click REDEEM.

11. What if my gift voucher doesn't have an online pin?

This is an old gift voucher, please contact Customer Service.

12. How do I shop by promotion or member promotion?

Please note the promotions available online are only a selection of our key in-store promotions. You can either click through to a promotion from the home page banners, shop via the shop by promotion/member promotion tab on the navigation menu or search for individual products.

13. Why isn't a promotion applying?

Please contact Customer Service.


1. What is duty free?

A ‘duty’ is a tax or charge levied by a country for goods and services purchased in that country. A product that is duty free is simply free from this ‘duty’.

2. What is tax free?

The Government imposes a goods and services tax (GST) of 10% on all goods purchased in Australia. Any goods purchased by a traveller leaving the country are tax free.

3. What are my limits?

Your duty free allowances are based on your final destination. Make sure you know the allowance for the country you are transiting through and your final destination to avoid confiscation and/or fines by the customs authorities. Limits

4. What are liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs)?

  • Water and other drinks, soups, syrups, jams, stews, sauces and pastes
  • Creams, lotions, cosmetics and oils
  • Perfumes
  • Sprays
  • Gels including hair and shower gels
  • Contents of pressured containers including shaving foams and deodorants
  • Pastes including toothpastes
  • Lipsticks, lip glosses and lip balms
  • Any items of similar consistency at room temperature
  • Passengers travelling with an infant or toddler are permitted to carry a reasonable quantity of LAG products for the infant or toddler. These baby products may include, but not limited to: baby milk (including breast milk); sterilised water; juice; baby food in liquid, gel or paste form; disposable wipes. The security screening officer has final say on what is deemed a 'reasonable quantity'.

5. How much can I purchase when I'm returning to Australia?

You may bring any of the following goods, Duty and/or Tax Free, in your accompanied baggage: General Goods AU$900 worth of General Goods, (AU$450 for people under 18 years of age). Including gifts, souvenirs, cameras, electronic equipment, leather goods, perfume and sporting equipment. Alcohol and tobacco products are not included in this allowance. Alcohol 2.25 litres of alcoholic beverages for each passenger aged 18 years and over. Tobacco 25 cigarettes or 25 grams of cigars or tobacco products for each passenger aged 18 years or over. You can also pool your duty free concessions if you are a family travelling together. Please note: If you exceed any of the concession limits set out above, Border Force will charge you duty and tax on the entire importation or purchase within that group of items.

If in doubt, it is always advisable to declare goods to Border Force officials upon arrival to Australia. For further information, visit the following sites:

6. What is JR/Duty Free’s returns policy?

JR/Duty Free will gladly refund your purchases whilst in our Airport Stores and before leaving Australia. Due to Regulations we are unable to exchange goods at our on-Airport locations once taken past the Customs Border Control points on entry into Australia. Please choose carefully as JR/Duty Free will not exchange for a change of mind after leaving an off-Airport store. JR/Duty Free will refund products that are damaged or faulty or where incorrect products are supplied within a reasonable time. All goods returned whether they are faulty or not must have proof of purchase. Subject to conditions we will either arrange for a replacement with an identical or comparable product/s, or issue a refund of the purchase price of the faulty/damaged product/s or repair the product/s. Returns will not be accepted if the damage to the product has subsequently been caused by an accident, or by neglect or misuse, by either yourself or a third party. Returns will not by accepted if the goods have been opened, modified or tampered with in any way. Any refunds will not be processed until we receive the product/s in question from you. Should there be a concern with any of our items you have purchased at our Stores including on-airport locations, please contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 388 937 or the Manager of the location to which you purchased the item(s) and we will gladly assist in resolving your concern.

7. Where are JR/Duty Free Stores located?

Click here to view our Store Locations www.jrdutyfree.com.au/locations and www.jrdutyfree.co.nz/locations

8. Can I purchase duty free if I am travelling on a domestic flight within Australia/NZ?

No, duty free purchases can only be made by passengers travelling internationally as the goods purchased must be exported from Australia or cross an Arrivals Customs border on your day of travel.

9. Can I purchase duty free if I am an international cruise passenger, not travelling on an international air flight?

Yes you can, but only via one of our city store locations and BEFORE you depart on your cruise. Customers are only permitted to collect or purchase at our international Airports stores if you are travelling on an international flight. You will need to bring your passport and itinerary to the store and the goods will need to be taken with you for your Departure. Please check with your Cruise line to ensure the Border Force Officers are present at your port location to collect the dockets for your duty free purchases.

10. Can I purchase alcohol which is not available in retail stores, if I am willing to pay the duty and taxes?

Unfortunately, under Australian Customs Law JR/Duty Free is not permitted to sell any liquor product(s) to consumers who are not travelling through an International Customs Border.
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